Wednesday, March 3, 7:30 PM ET

Book Launch: Voices of Lefferts: Issue 6

Featuring contributors Ashar Foley, Kristofer Lyons, Rachel Hayes-Ryan, Ana Malagon, Mikela Ragin, Judy Spence, & Meg Stentz    Hosted by editor Deborah Mutnick

Voices of Lefferts is a community documentary project that celebrates, engages, and preserves the historic Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush-Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Combining writing, photography, and art, the Voices of Lefferts community writing journal documents the working-class, multiracial, predominantly immigrant Caribbean community in a time of rapid change, development, and displacement, and ultimately aims to contribute to political and cultural discussion and debate in Flatbush-PLG. The ongoing series Voices of Lefferts: The Flatbush-PLG Community Writing Journal is one of Greenlight Bookstore’s bestselling titles; we’re thrilled to welcome the community back for Issue 6. Project director Deborah Mutnick hosts a program of virtual readings and discussion with neighborhood authors from the new issue in an evening celebrating the voices, lives, and stories of our neighborhood.

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