Greening the Bridge

People Love Green

This summer, PLG Arts collaborated with LinRoFORMA to install four sub-irrigated planters on the Lincoln road bridge fence (over the Q train). We thought to carry on the idea of “weaving” that previous art installations on the fence displayed, yet this time, with plants.

When folks exit the Prospect Park subway station they see these four planters growing and weaving vines throughout the fence, expressing a more and more complicated shape. The daily dog walkers from the local neighborhood pass on the way to and from the park, consciously or unconsciously noting the growth and change over time. We have seen bees flying around the purple flowers. The passion flower vines grasp the fence with amazing strength—the vines look like copper wire. The planters seem to have created a bit of a different space on the bridge. It almost seems like people stop and linger a bit longer. The plants garner continuous compliments and appreciation, yet are dependent upon care from the neighborhood residents. Several residents have offered to help water. In a certain light, the plants become a sculptural expression of care and neighborhood improvement.

We have not suffered any significant vandalism this summer.

Included plants:

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