Zulu Padilla is a visual artist and curator working in painting, photography, mixed media, performance and films. The ease and tension between uprootedness, freedom and beauty is the underlying theme throughout Zulu’s practice. His work as both artist and curator has been featured in residencies, publications, and exhibitions in both his native Colombia and the US. His current project, Warblers, creates a body of installations that uses the subject of neotropical bird migration and the image of used-decomposed- left behind condoms in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. In 2017, he was awarded an Immigrant Artist Grant by the New York Foundation for the Arts. In 2019, He was one of the characters in the City University of New York CUNY-TV docu-fiction series “I am a Dreamer”.  2022 Brooklyn Art Council Community Arts Grant recipient with the project Everything is Migrating.

Website: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/zulupadilla/about
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zulupadilla/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/edwinpadillavilla/

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