Nia Blue chooses to use mixed media paint and cold wax because the materials allow the reimagination of life through rough texture, invented palettes, and the abstraction of perspective. History, present, and future constantly intertwine into the making of art and Blue creates ambiguous scenes where the viewer enters this interplay of space and time. Recording autobiographical stories that portray a contemporary experience of the black female in a modern world and workplace in the pursuit of self discovery. Creating a space where others and the artist can enter a memory or strong emotion makes room for the reinterpretation of mindspace and physicality. Blue as a healthcare professional serving a population reeling from a pandemic, has experiences of unfair health benefits, mask mandates, and witnessed how difficulties in receiving patient-focused health care wore on patients and all involved. Challenging American ideologies like liberty in healthcare and the use of strong symbology brings a more human-centered view to the reality of healthcare politics. Large scale works create an intimate setting between the viewer and her works, evoking emotions of unease and awe that drives Blue’s intention behind the works. Blue is curious to encapsulate human connection, appreciation of the natural world, and the conflict between an internal and external dialogue. The intention of Blue is to work with a medium that allows for meditation on the shapes and colors that evoke emotion within a scene and to intensify these for the viewer.

Instagram: @niablueart

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