I knew at age 4 that “playing” with clay and paint was my favorite pastime. What I didn’t know then was that this was my calling. Fast forward to now, retired, children grown, I’m free to focus on these offerings of total and complete joy. Hopefully that joy is infectious. Finally I’ve reached a time in my life where I’m free to express my true passion and purpose. Not much fulfills more then when I’m in creative mode. The process may be even more gratifying than the completion of a piece of artwork, that space between conception and culmination. A spiritually enlightening stage. We are all able to experience this once we tune in to our inner voice in expression of who we truly are. Thank you for appreciating and participating in my artistic celebration of life.

I was born in Harlem in the 50’s during what was called the Baby Boomer generation. The 10th of twelve children, I made a splash of an entrance on the front page of our local newspaper having been born with two lower front teeth. Just had to be different even then! In my 20s I moved to Brooklyn where I currently reside with my lovable, five-pound Maltese, Lola.

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