On September 8-9, 2012.
24 Prospect Lefferts Gardens artists will open their studios to the community as a part of the Brooklyn Museum “GO Brooklyn Art” project. Community members registered as voters can nominate artists for inclusion in a group exhibition to open at the Brooklyn Museum on December 1, 2012.

This month, PLG arts will spotlight 24, GO PLG ARTISTS from the neighborhood. 

Old Couple on Vacation

Old Couple on Vacation by Jesse Gelaznik

How do you feel about being a part of “GO BROOKLYN ART”?

“I feel like GO Brooklyn Art is an ambitious project and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Is there anything about your PLG neighborhood that gives you inspiration to create?

“I find the PLG neighborhood inspiring when I can hear the birds and the opera singer through my studio window.”

Jesse Gelaznik – GO PLG ARTIST

Jesse Gelaznik

also this month…COME OUT & MEET THE ARTISTS:
Date:  Friday Aug 24th  Time:  8:00-9:00pm
Address: 408 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn NY 11225
Date:  Friday Aug 31st   Time:  7:30-8:30pm
Address: 49 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn NY 11225


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