Children’s Musical Story Hour at Greenlight Books

Saturday, March 7, 11:30 am

PLG Arts and Greenlight Bookstore are pleased to present–

The Nightingale Fam, performing their original adaptations of Wilhemina Harper’s The Gunniwolf and and Ernest Thayer’s Casey at the Bat at Greenlight Bookstore on Saturday, March 7, at 11:30. This free and fun event will be preceded by a family singalong.

The Nightingale Fam performs an eclectic program of family-friendly music based on children’s stories. On Saturday, March 7th, they will perform the classic baseball poem “Casey at the Bat” and “The Gunniwolf,” an African-American folk tale in which a little girl, cautioned never to go into the jungle, wanders in deeper and deeper while searching for flowers–and is suddenly confronted by the gunniwolf.

The story hour will open with a family singalong. Mary Spencer Knapp,  narrator and singer; Teagan Taylor, trumpet and vocals; Doug Berns, bass and vocals; Sean Salant, guitar; and Ethan Meyer, percussion.

Location: Greenlight Bookstore, 632 Flatbush Ave at Fenimore St.

Addmission is free.

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