February 16, 2018 8:00 pm

Zosha Warpeha
Zosha is a violinist, vocalist, and songwriter whose music draws inspiration from a variety of folkloric and improvised traditions. Her collaboration with drummer Connor Parks explores space, time, and resonance through long form improvisations of hardanger fiddle, voice, and percussion, spinning together songs that are all at once meditative and energetic, contemplative and whimsical.
Zosha Warpeha – hardanger fiddle and voice
Connor Parks – drums
Gaya Feldheim-Schorr

Born in the heart of Tel-Aviv, jazz musician and vocalist Gaya Feldheim-Schorr was introduced to music at home. Her mother, a multi-media artist, brought her up to be highly receptive to diversity and acquainted with a multitude of musical genres and eras, all coming to form the musical fiber of her artistic palate. Drawing from her vast repertoire and wide ranging skillset, Gaya is creating her own space in the shifting and unrelenting flow of the New York jazz scene. Through her unique tastes and her deft arranging skills, Gaya creates projects that both defy classification and celebrate great musical traditions. She takes on various musical matter from pieces she has felt connected to at different points in her life, spanning classical, jazz, singer songwriter, and indie rock, and reimagines them both through new orchestration, arrangement and improvisation.  Her current project presents an arch surrounding a recurring theme of Benjamin Britten’s choral work “A Ceremony of Carols”, with jazz standards, Israeli folk, and contemporary songwriter pieces interspersed.
Gaya Feldheim Schorr – voice
Davy Lazar – trumpet
Blake Opper – tenor sax
Tal Yahalom – guitar
Micha Gilad – piano
Eva Lawitts – bass
Mareike Wiening – drums 

Ashni is a singer and songwriter. She is inspired by how individuals learn to build relationships to the self, to others, and to communities. Her relationship with the stage began with classical North Indian dance, Kathak; the sound and movement remain an inspiration. With soulful melodies, powerful lyrics and rhythmic current, heavy with jazz and R&B influence, she gracefully envelops listeners in a reflective, cathartic dimension. She is currently teaching, creating and performing in New York City. Her performance credits include Rockwood Music Hall, Music Hall of Williamsburg, The Greene Space, Rough Trade, and more. Her music has been featured on Spotify’s Women of Jazz playlist, Bitch Media’s Podcast: Growing Up Immigrant, and the acclaimed web series Brown Girls.

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