August 6, 2019 7:30 pm

Featuring translators Larissa Kyzer, Nancy Naomi Carlson & Catherine Maigret Kellogg, Elina Alter, Jacqui Cornetta, and Kira Josefsson

August marks the fifth year celebrating Women in Translation (#WiT) Month, launched by blogger Meytal Radzinski in 2014. Only a tiny fraction of the literature published in English every year—under 5 percent—was originally written in another language, and a mere 25 percent of that 5 percent (1.25%) was written by women. Books by women in translation also get far less review coverage, award nominations, and bookstore promotion, and as a result, have a harder time making it into readers’ hands. WiT Month shines a light on this disparity and gives a platform to the women authors and translators who enrich our literary landscape and broaden our cultural horizons. Tonight’s event, organized under the aegis of the PEN America Translation Committee, brings together six translators working in five different languages: French, Icelandic, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Each translator will read from works by women they translate, both in the original language and in her own translation, followed by an audience Q&A.

632 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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