October 19, 2019 7:30 pm

7:30 doors; $12 advance/ $15 doorhttps://venuepilot.co/events/27315/orders/new


I go back to Ruth’s music over and over again. She has the best, weirdest chord changes, the catchiest and most exotic melodies and lyrics, distilled over what I imagine to be many months and years.

To me her songs reaffirm the power of music itself and its basic elements – big and small intervals placed just so in time, the play of sound and meaning in words, parts put together without force or artifice. Ruth is one of my favorite singer-songwriters ever. 

– Chris Cohen

The title of Ruth Garbus’ second record, Kleinmeister, translates to “Little Masters,” a German term for a group of 16th-century artists who produced prints from miniscule, labyrinthine engravings. Viewing their work half a millennium later, one is awed by the patience of such handmade precision. Such is the experience of listening to Garbus’ music, the intricacies of which inspire a similar quiet reverence.

-Quinn Moreland for Pitchfork

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