April 5, 2018 7:30 pm

Amy Siskind, president and co-founder of The New Agenda, presents her shocking first-draft history of the Trump regime, and its clear authoritarian impulses, based on her viral Internet phenom “The Weekly List.” In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as president, Siskind began compiling a list of actions taken by the Trump regime that pose a threat to our democratic norms. This “Weekly List” went viral, and in The List this comprehensive accounting is compiled in one volume for the first time.The List chronicles not only the scandals that made headlines but just as important, the myriad smaller but still consequential unprecedented acts that otherwise fall through cracks. With granular detail and skillful precision, The List is a powerful addition to the resistance canon. Siskind presents her new book in conversation with investigative reporter Nomiki Konst, followed by a signing and Q&A.

632 Flatbush


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