January 26, 2018 8:00 pm

Tenores de Aterúe presents a concert of harmonic singing from Sardinia, Corsica, and Italy.  Founded in 2008, the Tenores have performed in the US and Canada, and in Sardinia, where they are recognized as the world’s first non-native group to master the art of cantu a tenorea traditional song form that involves harmonic throat singing in parts.  With complex interlocking dance rhythms and ringing guttural overtones, the sound is otherworldly and infectiously downhome.
Tenores de Aterúe are Avery Book (bassu), Gideon Crevoshay (mesu oche), Carl Linich (contra), and Doug Paisley (oche). A new documentary film about the quartet’s first visit to Sardinia. For a preview: https://aterue.com/
In their collaboration, Eva Salina & Peter Stan pick up and continue an interrupted legacy of empowered female voices in Balkan Romani (gypsy) music. Amplifying voices of past generations of Romani women musicians, Eva & Peter employ tenderness, grace, passion and a commitment to keeping these songs alive and evolving, while inspiring and teaching young people in the Balkans and the Balkan diaspora to continue to participate in living traditions.  Their new album, SUDBINA, comes out 3/30/18on Vogiton Records.  More info at www.evasalina.com

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