May 18, 2019 6:00 pm

Jenkins Johnson Projects is proud to present Synesthesia: Sound, Color, and Iconography in Free to Be.

Artists Rico Gatson and Baseera Khan’s distinct relationships to sound, especially music, work in tandem with color and iconography in the exhibition. These components join together and become inseparable from one another revealing the many layers of each artist’s practice. They are joined by curator and writer, Stephanie E. Goodalle, in a community conversation about these formal qualities and how they permeate the artworks in Free to Be.

For both Gatson and Khan, music is spiritual, meditative, the omnipresent studio companion, and a point of inspiration and inquiry. The tenor saxophone croons of Albert Alyers meet the corrective aspects of Central European music, which was appropriated by European musicians from the teachings of Sufi gurus and Haitian shamans. For Gatson and Khan, the music not only brings pleasure, but is also historical, personal, political, and spiritual. One can feel Alyers’ rhythmic pulsations in Gatson’s Panel Paintings and witness Khan’s questioning of historical memory in her video Brothers and Sisters. Read more

Jenkins Johnson Projects, 207 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn NY 11225

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