October 12, 2018 7:30 am

Peter Stampfel’s Atomic Meta-Pagans Eat the Ether Frolic Mob.

“We stick our hands up the ass of American music, grab it by the throat, and pull it inside-out. It’s 21st century 19th century American music played in a vast variety of 20th century styles.”  –Peter Stampfel

Peter Stampfel first came to prominence in 1964, as the singing, banjoist-fiddler co-founder of the Holy Modal Rounders, who were in turn the backing band of the Fugs at the time of their 1965 debut. These alone would have secured his place in history as a founder of Freak Folk.  But Peter has never stopped playing or innovating, and currently leads two bands, exuberance undimmed.

The Ether Frolic Mob is  Peter Stampfel (fiddle, banjo, lead vocals), Sam Werbalowsky (banjo, guitar), Eli Hekto (banjo, mandolin), Steve Espinola (piano), Heather Wagner (drums), and the Stampfel Sisters (Lily and Zoe Stampfel, vocals and percussion).

When improvisatory vocalist-composer Shelley Hirsch joins the Ether Frolic Mob, they become the Atomic Meta-Pagans. They have recently completed their second album, soon to be released on Don Giovanni Records, with a third album already in progress. Peter and Shelley will duet their way through an unconventional take on standards of the 1930’s and 40’s.  http://www.shelleyhirsch.com/shelley/

The other members of the Ether Frolic Mob will be spotlighted in short sets featuring their other music projects, rounding out an eclectic revue.


7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation

497Rogers Ave

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