February 9, 2018 8:00 pm

“Loosie is Fever Dream Pop from Brooklyn. Their sound is defined by major sonic and emotional contrasts; quiet space and punishing density, opiated detachment and grounded vitality. The songs, mostly written by drummer Alex Kirkpatrick and sung by Sara McDonald, deal with growing up feeling bound to endless consumption and communication but knowing no other way to live, relate, love, and know yourself or anything at all. (indie / sperimental / rock friend)

b o t (/bät/) is a brooklyn-based musical collective created in early 2016. in all of its permutations, b o t is led by an unnamed character of ambiguous gender who appears to be perpetually apprehensive and cynical. being heavily influenced by the contemporary gospel of the late nineties and oughts, b o t’s sound lends itself to being off-centered, soulful pop.

Movement performance by Simone Johnson/Melisande Echanique/Kiera Bono: intersubjective identity formation as a never-ending collision of archives spilling out on each other and rearranging/highlighting each other’s legibility as individuals while also stewing in the blurriness between subject and object, internal and external, resistance and assimilation, consumer and consumed, etc. [movement/sound/ritual]”


8:15 b o t
9:00 TBD poet into movement performance by Simone Johnson/Melisande Echanique/Kiera Bono
9:45 Rami Karim poetry into Loosie

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