February 28, 2019 7:30 pm

“The living collection” is a phrase that describes the zoos, botanical gardens, and museums of the city. These places, made of tiny creatures and organisms, have inspired a sense of wonder and deep mystery in the way they collectively function to create a balanced ecosystem. The Living Collection aims to build an ecosystem of its own—one in which each member activates compositional material, learns to find a center within multiple relationships, and creates new forms and cycles as it unfolds.

The band will feature:
David Leon, flute/alto saxophone
Yuma Uesaka, clarinet/tenor saxophone
Kalun Leung, trombone
Sonya Belaya, piano
Florian Herzog, bass
Lesley Mok, drums/compositions
497 Rogers Ave

7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation

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