December 14, 2018 7:30 pm

Endangered Heart Quartet is an elastic group of composer-musicians. Founding members of the prestigious Jazz Passengers, saxophonist/writer Roy Nathanson and in-demand trombonist Curtis Fowlkes, join versatile bassist Tim Kiah and two-time Grammy-nominated violinist Jesse Mills to create a new ensemble with a broad musical palette. Endangered Heart Quartet elaborates on Roy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce ensemble, which explored ways to merge words and sound in an extended language, through composition and mostly jazz-inflected improvisation. This new collective band, Endangered Heart Quartet, expands that language through chamber music and detailed classical composition, to “sing” the most human songs from the American musical tradition. From re-imaginings of “Goodnight Irene” and Ornette Coleman’s “Circle with a Hole In The Middle” to the personal compositions of the bands’ members who all offer their own varied musical legacies, EHQ symphonically combines the instrumental sounds with their own vocals. Endangered Heart Quartet mines the many years of professional playing and composing of the group’s members, to offer a kind of “heart music” salve for the harsh political and social climate of today.

497 Rogers Ave

$10 suggested donation

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