July 8, 2016 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Brooklyn-based guitarist Stelios Mihas will present a trio featuring esteemed winds player Daniel Carter & bassist extraordinaire Zachary Swanson.

On July 8, the trio will be performing its spontaneous compositions drawing inspiration from a wide range of contemporary practices & past traditions.
For those not familiar with his work, Daniel Carter is one of NYC’s most admired musician’s musician that has been infiltrating and subverting every form of music operating on the grassroots level since the 1970’s.


Zachary Swanson is a double bassist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Using gut strings and a personalized technique, Zachary has developed a conception of the double bass that heightens the integrity of various musical environments.


Inspired by the infinite tonal possibilities of the guitar, Stelios Mihas’ activities range from jazz and contemporary improvised music to freelancing with a wide range of groups. Working with some of NYC’s leading musicians he will explore the endless world of sound any way possible.


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