January 6, 2018 7:30 pm

Brooklyn-based musical duo Charming Disaster was formed in 2012 by Ellia Bisker (of Sweet Soubrette and Funkrust Brass Band) and Jeff Morris (of Kotorino). Inspired by the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the noir storytelling of Raymond Chandler, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, they write songs that tell stories, using two voices to explore dark narratives and characters with a playful sensibility.
Aaron Frazer is a multi-instrumentalist living in brooklyn, known for his soul and hard gospel productions. When not singing behind the drums, Aaron also performs selections from decades of private-press country and outside folk.
Lord Youth is a noir folk rock band based out of Queens, NY. It began as a recording project in an old Copehagen attic once inhabited by hundreds of Danish pigeons. If you listen closely, you can hear the crunch of feathers underneath the musicians’ feet.

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