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Photographs of Coney Island, by Diane Greene Lent

Please Join us for the opening reception @ Tugboat Tea

546 Flatbush Ave

July 21, 5-8pm

Diane is a documentary and scenic photographer. She attended the International School of Photography (ICP) in New York City. Her photos have appeared in Glamour Magazine, The Progressive, Gothamist , Colorlines, and others. She works as a consultant photographer for non-profit organizations in New York, New Orleans and Washington, DC. Travel and scenic photography is featured in Fine Art America. She is well traveled to India, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, France and Spain. Her US photos include Michigan, New Orleans, Arizona and California and ofcourse, New York City.

Diane is a member and featured photographer for Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition,

Flatbush Artists and Propect Leffers Gardens Artists, PLG Arts.

Coney island by Diane Greene Lent

New York’s famous amusement park, Coney Island is located on the South Shore of Brooklyn. The park has drawn millions of people from New York and around the world since 1880. I am drawn to Coney Island every summer for the wild and colorful photo opportunities that it provides. People are the important subject and come from around the world but especially from Brooklyn. Here is a small sample of photos I have taken there over the years.

Works by Dr. Myrah Brown Green

Please join us for the opening reception @ Tugboat Tea

April 30th

Dr. Myrah Brown Green currently works as an independent curator and an arts consultant for senior professional and emerging artists. Through her therapeutic quilt workshop entitle “Quilting for Me”, she privately and semi-privately supports those who are looking to create a peaceful, stress free state of mind after a busy day, week or moment. Currently, Dr. Myrah is completing her books Talking Quilts: Quilts Inspired by African Textiles and Brooklyn on My Mind: Black Artists from the WPA to the Present due to be released in 2017.

547 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11225

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Dear, Morgan by Cassie Doyle

Please join us for a new show of photography at the

Brooklyn Greenhouse
539 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11225

Saturday, December 19, 2015
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I am constantly fascinated by movement and joy. When I take photos, I seek to bring out the most in people and places as I’ve done even before I was able to get my hands on a camera. I believe that some moments are so special that they must be captured so that they never drift away. The combination of a person and a place in a moment is what excites me most. Having traveled to New York City from Kansas City, MO four years ago, I am excited by the idea of looking at people through a lens in many different settings to see how differently they appear. The photos you see here were taken in both the plains of Missouri and Greenwood Cemetery here in Brooklyn.

This series is dedicated to my best friend Morgan, who you see here in all of these photos. She is the most inspiring person I have ever and will ever know. She is without a doubt the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen and she carries more joy in her heart than anyone you could ever meet. Morgan and I were dancers together back home in Kansas City before our inspiration and ambition brought us to the city. For the past six years she has been the subject of my photography while I slowly learned how to use my DSLR. And today, here I am with this set of photos brought to you by both Morgan and I as we continue to jump around the city. Enjoy!

Each 8×10 separately: $25
Each 11×14 separately: $30
Morgan in Motion (photos 1-10): $120
Jumpin’ Round Greenwood (photos 11-16): $100
The Plains (photos 17-20): $80

Marcia Lloyd Photographs @ Tugboat Tea TONIGHT!

WED DEC 16th 6–9PM

Please join us for the opening reception for a show of photography by Marcia Lloyd the newest show for PLG Arts Tugboat Local Artists series. It will be at the Tugboat Tea Company, 546 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11226.

Please share with your networks and join us, if you can. If you can’t make the reception, or just want a great cup of tea or coffee, Tugboat is great.

A visual artist in a variety of media, Marcia Lloyd returned to photography, an early passion, 12 years ago. Originally working on a long-term photographic project on women and aging, she has recently expanded it into a series entitled “Transformations,” exploring the emotions and attitudes of people experiencing major life transitions. Two other series in development are “Who Am I?” and “Women in the Mirror.”

Lloyd has studied at Toscana Photographic Workshops in Italy and at the International Center of Photography in New York City. In 2013, one of her photos was selected out of 650 submissions in all media to be shown in “NYC25″ at Westwood Gallery in Soho, NYC, and another out of 1,900 in all media for an online exhibition curated by Lizzetta LeFalle Collins of the Museum of the African Diaspora. Other exhibitions include a one-person show at K-Dog and Dunebuggy and two-person shows at Gallery 718 and Kush Cafe, all in Brooklyn, as well as groups shows at the Broome Street Gallery and The Art Institute of New York City in Soho; Viridian Gallery and Rush Gallery in Chelsea; The Gallery in Stamford, New York; the Image Gallery on Long Island; the Selena Gallery at Long Island University; Photoville 2011 in Brooklyn; F-Stop: Brooklyn’s inaugural show; and nine SONYA Studio Strolls. Four of her photographs were included in the 2009 slide show “We Are All Photographers” at the New York International Photo Festival. In addition, one of her photos was chosen in 2011 by multiple curators for Curate NYC as one of the top 150 out of the 1, 500 submissions in all media.

She has also achieved recognition as a leather sculptor, and her work is included in the Museum of Arts and Design, The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Coach Leatherware collection, and the Young-Mallon Archive.

Please join us for the reception!

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PLG Arts is a volunteer-run 501c3 organization dedicated to cultivating creativity in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Claire Thompson opening @ Tugboat Tea – Nov 20th

Fashion is change. Fashion impacts every aspect of our lives, not only from the clothes we wear, but to the fabrics in our homes, our cars, and the furniture we use.

As a fashion illustrator, Claire Thompson seeks to bring to life the patterns, colors, silhouettes and textiles we wear everyday. Fashion is not only confined to what we wear, but how we wear it; what we pair it with and how fashion helps create – and change – our identity.

Claire’s work captures a fleeting moment in time, the intimate relationships humans have between fashion and their bodies everyday.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Claire has travelled throughout the US documenting fashion in many large cities. Her work spans from live runway illustration to editorial and advertising. She has illustrated live at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week. The pieces in this show are just a small fraction of the hundreds of fashion illustrations Claire has painted during her career.

Please join us:
Tugboat Tea – Nov 20th – 6:30pm – 9pm.
546 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11225.

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1. Wind | Palo Alto | 2010
2. Stand | Palo Alto | 2010
3. Backed | Palo Alto | 2010
4. Rain Man | Brooklyn | 2013
5. Smoke & Mirrors | Los Angeles | 2014
6. Boys Are Back In Town | Manhattan | 2014
7. Brooklynite | Brooklyn | 2014
8. Black|Light Series #1 | Los Angeles | 2012
9. Black|Light Series #2 | Los Angeles | 2012
10. Right Foot Forward | Brooklyn | 2014
11. Gentleman’s Adventure Kit | Brooklyn | 2014
12. Bow Ties | Brooklyn | 2013
13. Glory & Gold | Cincinnati | 2015
14. Dancing In The Rain | Brooklyn | 2013
15. Pride Parade | Manhattan | 2014
16. Leader Of The Pack | Brooklyn | 2014
17. Green Trench | Brooklyn | 2013
18. Blue Smoke | San Francisco | 2012
19. Dance On Fire | Palo Alto | 2011
20. More Dior | Brooklyn | 2014
21. Reflection | Brooklyn | 2015
22. Stand | San Francisco | 2010
23. Blue Electric | Palo Alto | 2011
24. The Dreamer | Manhattan | 2015

422 Trees Landscapes by Noel Hefele, Robert Marvin, and Yoshiko Mori

Join us for the next Tugboat art opening!

September 24th, 2015

546 Flatbush Ave
This show features landscape photography by Robert Marvin and Yoshiko Mori and landscape painting by Noel Hefele.
RSVP on facebook (optional)The show statement is below:

A recent Yale-led study put the approximate number of trees on earth at 3.04 trillion, over 7 times the previous global estimate of 400 billion. Instead of 61 trees for every human on planet earth, the new estimate is 422 trees. While good news, this study also claims a 46% decline in tree population since human civilization began.
Roughly 7–8 trees provide the oxygen one person requires for a year of breathing. US urban forests sequester over 700 million tons of carbon. Worldwide, the equivalent of almost 270,000 trees is either flushed or dumped in landfills every day (roughly 10 percent of that total is attributable to toilet paper). Prospect Park lost over 500 trees during Hurricane Sandy. Worldwide, our net loss is about 10 billion trees a year.
How do you value a tree? You only have 422 trees, knowing that, does it change how you look at an individual tree?422 sounds like a lot, but is it?
We are exhibiting three contrasting interpretations to landscape and the trees that live in them. Art can provide empathic aesthetic and emotional connections to these living beings, highlighting small moments of awareness and appreciation. Our trees can fade into the background of everyday life, but they are ever-present and necessary collaborators on a finite planet.