Artist Registry

Our Artist Registry helps you promote your work via our local artist directory complete with descriptive text and the photos you upload to the site. Link directly to your website and select your discipline from a list that includes painters, sculptors, musicians and dancers to writers, poets, actors and professional arts instructors.

Dan Van Dyk
Diane Greene Lent
Karl A. McIntosh
Mireille Lemaine
Noel Hefele oil painting of Prospect Park
Noel Hefele
Noemi Bilger

Are you a Visual Artist?

PLG Arts invites professional visual artists who are committed to their career in the arts to join our network. All artist members must be at least 21 years old and be interested in exhibiting their own original fine art at PLG Arts-sponsored events. Artist Registry participants must be members of PLG Arts, and membership is valid for one year from the date of membership confirmation.

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